Pitch Competition.png

Contest Details

5 pitches will be chosen from the submissions for the opportunity to pitch live to TV and Film producers, who will choose a winner. The winner will receive:

  • An All-Access Pass to St. Louis International Film Festival.

  • 1 year of office space and mentoring at Ch. 9.

  • Opportunity for producers to set up follow up meetings with your project.

  • We are working on other perks and prizes to be announced.

Submission Details

  • Early Bird Deadline - 9/3/19 to 9/30/19 - $25.

  • Regular Deadline - 10/1/19 to 10/11/19- $50.

  • Submission fees are non-refundable.

  • All submissions will receive notice of the final selections by October 28th.

  • Submission materials will not be returned unless an exception is approved by the conference director.

  • After paying the Pitch Competition submission fee, all contestants must email their submissions to inmotionconference@gmail.com for review and first round judging. In the subject line put “Conference Pitch – “the name of your project.”

  • Include the following in your submission:

  1. A 1 or 2 page pitch document/treatment. The document should tell us the following things:

    • Who you are?

    • What the genre of your project is?

    • What the concept is?

    • Why should you be the one to make this project?

    • Why is now the right time to make this project?

    • What is the number one thing you need to take this project to the next step?

    • What is the rough estimate of the expected budget. We need to confirm that it will be under $5 million.

  2. A simple 1-3 minute video of you pitching the project you want to pitch to producers. You can use your phone or camera to create your pitch video. Make sure we can hear you clearly and you are in a well lit space. It does not need to be an overly produced video. We just want to see you making your pitch to fully understand your project and pitch style.

  3. A copy of the agreement that can be downloaded at this link. Please attach the full completed and signed document as a PDF or (cropped and high quality) image(s).

  4. Additional materials can be submitted for this project. The review of additional materials will be at the conference organizers’ discretion.